Type 446/447/449

100 mm
Typ 446/447/449 von E-T-A: Einpolige, thermisch-magnetische Leistungsschutzschalter mit Sockelbefestigung und Handauslöser.


Single pole thermal-magnetic circuit breakers with tease-free, trip-free, press-to-reset snap action mechanism and special dual button manual release which avoids the danger of unintended disconnection (M-type TM CBE to EN 60934). Surface mounted, compact design available with fast acting, standard and delayed switching characteristics.

Options include auxiliary contact and remote electrical disconnection.

Technical Data

Voltage rating
  • DC 28 V
Current ratings from 30 A up to 400 A  type 446
from 100 A up to 400 A  type 447
from 125 A up to 500 A  type 449
Number of poles single pole
Mounting method socket
Terminal design screw terminals
Actuation manual release
push button
Auxiliary contacts with auxiliary contacts
without auxiliary contacts
Water splash protection without water splash protection
Illumination without illumination
Typical life 1,000 operations at IN

2,000 operations mechanical
Interrupting capacity Icn 10,000 A
Certificates type 446: UL type 447: UL; QPL Sweden type 449: UL, VG 95345 T15


  • Automation
  • Chemical, Oil & Gas
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Minus DC 28 V