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Reduced downtimes in the entire production chain with listed E-T-A overcurrent protection solutions

High-quality and reliable overcurrent protection solutions for the entire production cycle

E-T-A offers you high-quality and reliable overcurrent protection solutions for the entire production cycle – from the press shop over bodywork to final assembly.

Our product range with listed quality products covers both standard applications as well as intelligent system solutions with comprehensive diagnostic functions.

We shall be pleased to assist you in planning flexible and favourably priced protection solutions for your complex transport management systems, assembly lines and test equipment.

  • Press Shop

    Press Shop

    Press Shop

    Press Shop

    In press shops, the automation degree is very high. The components must withstand extreme shocks and vibrations. Unrivalled quality and permanent availability are important to avoid failures and related financial losses.

    Applikation 1 Produkte

    ESX10-T.-DC 24 V

    Electronic circuit protector, ESX10-T-DC24V, DC 24 V, rail mounting, fixed, variable current ratings, no. of channels 1

  • Body shell / bodywork

    Body shell / bodywork

    Body shell / bodywork

    Body Shell / Bodywork

    Reliability and quality are of major importance in the sector of frame-and-body construction. Our products offer group signalisation, single signalisation or communication via ProfiNet minimising downtimes - you can choose from all options.

    Applikation 1 Produkte

    Typ 2210-S2 von E-T-A: Ein- und mehrpolige, thermisch-magnetische Schutzschalter mit Kipphebel-betätigung.


    Thermal-magnetic circuit breaker, socket
    or panel mounting, single or multipole

    Typ ESS30-S von E-T-A: mit galvanischer Trennung; einzigartige Elektronischer Überstromschutz für DC 24 V Anwendungen


    Electronic circuit breakers, ESS30-S, DC 24 V, pluggable, fixed and adjustable current ratings, no. of channels 1, physical isolation, 1 pole

    Typ Modul 18plus von E-T-A: eine kompakte Verdrahtungslösung für alle Last- und Signalleitungen der DC 24 V-Steuerspannung.

    Module 18plus

    Flexible DC 24 V power distribution with integral cable harness

  • Materials handling technology

    Materials handling technology

    Materials handling technology

    Materials Handling

    A common element of all work steps is the materials handling technology. Electric overhead conveyors, floor conveyor technology or driverless transport systems move body and vehicle parts between individual systems and functions. 

    ControlPlex® CPC20

  • Paint shop

    Paint shop

    Paint shop

    Paint Shop

    Reliability of the components is also very important in the paint shop. The cars are sprayed with different colours one after the other while on the paint-spray line. Downtimes in automobile paint lines have to be prevented without fail, occurring faults must be detected and remedied as quickly as possible.


  • Powertrain




    Powertrain production is characterised by machine tools and assembly lines. Protection solutions need to be compact, flexible and cost-effective. Diagnosis via IO link allows complete transparency of the DC 24 V power supply and is a part of predictive maintenance.

    Automation & Process Control

  • Assembly




    Final assembly holds the highlight of car production: The marriage!

    Body and powertrain meet. DC 24 V protection and power distribution are of the utmost importance both at the assembly line and in the test equipment. Many sensors, actuators and the control unit need to be optimally protected to ensure smooth operation of the process.


    Applikation 1 Produkte


    Electronic circuit breaker, REX12D-T, DC 24 V, rail mounting, fixed and variable current ratings, no. of channels 1/2, IO link, Modbus-RTU

Unrivalled system availability

The E-T-A portfolio consisting of standard components, intelligent circuit protectors and entire system solutions ensures reduced downtimes of your machinery and equipment. Our products are resistant against harsh conditions in production processes such as dirt and vibration. Comprehensive diagnostic functions via IO link and Industrial Ethernet provide you with the required transparency of machine status and production status and they ensure predictive maintenance.

Listed components and systems

Our modular components feature a flexible and space-saving design and allow plant operators quick and precise trouble-shooting. Reliable system solutions are tailor-made to the requirements of the automotive industry. Therefore our products are listed in the OEMs’ lists of preferred suppliers.

More info (German website):

E-T-A forum for automobile production


Global support for a high availability

Around the globe, E-T-A has four production facilities, ten subsidiaries and a number of representatives in more than 60 countries and is your first contact for reliable overcurrent protection solutions. Together, we plan a protection solution that is customised to your requirements – all over the world.


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