Medical equipment: Perfect overcurrent protection

Reliable electrical medical equipment and machines is the basic requirement for successful work in the operating rooms, on the wards or also in the laboratories. Safety and quality must not be compromised. This is particularly true for the protection of devices and machines in the event of overcurrents.

E-T-A’s circuit breaker/switch combinations reliably disconnect hazardous overcurrents. They help to increase the availability and life of medical equipment, and they also reliably protect doctors, nurses and patients against the hazards of overheated devices.

Your benefits:

  • Reduced mounting and wiring time
  • Reduced disposition and storage costs
  • Space-saving design

International approvals:

E-T-A circuit breakers carry international approval marks and meet the requirements of the EN 60 601-1 standard for medical electrical equipment. Therefore many of E-T-A’s circuit breaker/switch combinations are available as a »2-pole switching, 2-pole protected« version. They can be used, in compliance with the relevant standard, with functional earth connection in electrical medical equipment of protection class I and protection class II.

Typ 3120 or typ X3120 – a wealth of options:

E-T-A’s 3120 is an ON/OFF switch with integral overcurrent protection, i.e. It unites two function in a single component.

  • 1- and 2-pole versions
  • Current rating range: 0.1 ... 20 A
  • Voltage: AC 240 V, DC 50 V

E-T-A’s X3120 has an additional IEC inlet plug and can optionally be supplied with a line filter.

  • C14 or C20 appliance inlet
  • Standard and high performance line filters
  • Special line filters for medical equipment (with low leakage current)

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