PowerPlex® Suite

Configuration, design and diagnosis with a single tool

The PowerPlex® Suite sets new standards in system configuration. E-T-A’s PowerPlex® allows flexible and efficient design of any application - completely in accordance with the idea of modular engineering.

This software is an all-in-one solution for configuration, graphics production, diagnosis and simulation. Any PowerPlex® installation is customer-specific and application-specific. The idea of modular engineering stretches over all product levels.

The PowerPlex® Suite has a comprehensive functional scope that ensures a well-structured working process. Functions include a library with components, pre-defined functional blocks and adjustable work area.

PowerPlex® Suite - product features:

  • Complete configurator for all PowerPlex® components
  • Intelligent and intuitional menu navigation
  • Comprehensive visualisation tool for the creation of user interfaces
  • Integral display simulator
  • Comprehensive debugging and simulation tools
  • Various diagnostic and debugging functions
  • Run by hard disk, USB flash drive or SD card without installation
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