ControlPlex® Board

Intelligent DC 24 V power distribution system for automation

Availability is of the essence in production. Diagnostic capability and remote serviceability of the entire control and field level are the decisive part besides the energy management.

Control circuits are a major area. Their diagnosis often means a huge challenge for many companies.

ControlPlex® Board with Systems Type SVS16 and SVS201-CP combine:

  • connection to the superordinate control system
  • selective overcurrent protection with integral current limitation
  • complete power distribution of load circuits
  • remote actuation or reset of load circuits
  • recording of measuring values (current, voltage) and comprehensive diagnosis (only SVS201-CP)

The ControlPlex® Board SVS201-CP consists of the power distribution system SVS201-PWR for 8, 16 or 24 slots, the bus controller CPC10 and the parameterisable, electronic circuit protector ESX50D-S.

The integral communication interface (PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP, I/O-Link etc.) transmits a multitude of diagnostic information to the superordinate control level.

Technical Features ControlPlex® Board SVS201-CP:

  • intelligent DC 24 V complete system for power distribution and overcurrent protection
  • integral diagnosis and adjustment functions, also via USB
  • fully parameterisable electronic circuit protectors ESX50D-S
  • integral memory HISTOMEMO for overload and short-circuit diagnosis of the load circuits
  • can be extended for customised power distribution concepts
  • optional connection to many fieldbus and Ethernet platforms