Type SVS09

~ 140 mm
Typ SVS09 von E-T-A: Der Stromverteiler SVS09-10 mit integrierter Meldelogik


The SVS09 power distribution system with integral signalling module optimises DC 24 V distribution at the machine-oriented field level in automated process control, production plants and power plants. Offering 10-plug-in sockets for electronic and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers and an integrated alarm handling function for single and group signalisation, the SVS09 distribution board can be cascaded on the master-slave principle to meet specific requirements. This cascading allows transducers, actuators, valves, distributed PLCs, intelligent terminals etc. to be clustered into distinct function groups and to be conveniently incorporated into the plant’s overall alarm monitoring scheme. Particularly for applications with a great number of sensors/ actuators, the SVS09 offers possibilities for cost- and space-saving in the design of control cabinets.

Each load circuit that is interrupted by an overload or short circuit trip always generates a single alarm. In addition, a group alarm for the entire SVS09 cascade is induced which will be acknowledged by means of a command element (momentary switch, relay, PLC) either locally in the control cabinet or remotely in the control room. Acknowledging the group alarm immediately reactivates the group signalling function of the SVS09 cascade remobilising it for new incoming short-circuit or overload messages.

The power distribution system SVS09 is mounted on a symmetrical rail and accommodates 10 electronic or thermal-magnetic circuit breakers. All terminals (line entry DC +24 V, GND (-) for self-supply, load outputs L(+), signalling and acknowledgment) are spring-loaded terminals.

Technical Data

Mounting method DIN rail
Circuit breaker type electronics


  • Automation
  • Chemical, Oil & Gas
  • Power Engineering DC 24 V


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