Type: 8335


~ 59,7 mm
Typ 8335 von E-T-A: Ein- und mehrpoliger Schutzschalter mit magnetischer oder hydraulisch-magnetischer Auslösung.

Single and multipole magnetic circuit breakers with trip-free mechanism and toggle actuation. A choice of fast magnetic or hydraulically delayed switching characteristics (S-type MO or HM CBE to EN 60934) ensures suitability for a wide range of applications. Industry standard dimensions and panel mounting. Options include auxiliary changeover contacts. Low temperature sensitivity at rated load.

Approved to CBE standard IEC/EN 60934 S-type HM CBE.

Voltage rating
  • AC 3 / 415 V
  • AC / 240 V (50/60 Hz)
  • DC / 80 V
Current ratings from 1A until 50A   1- and multipole
Number of poles double pole
single pole
three pole
Mounting method flange
Terminal design blade terminals
screw terminals
Actuation toggle/baton
Auxiliary contacts with auxiliary contacts
without auxiliary contacts
Illumination without illumination
Typical life 3 AC 415 V,

AC 240 V: 1...30 A

6,000 operations at 1 x IN, inductive

10,000 operations at 1 x IN, resistive

DC 80 V: 1...50 A

10,000 operations at 1 x IN, inductive

10,000 operations at 1 x IN, resistive
Certificates VDE (EN 60934), UL 1077, Ignition protected (UL 1077 + UL 1500), UL 489A, CCC


  • Telecom & Datacom


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