Type EDX10


41 mm
Typ EDX10 von E-T-A: Das EDX10 zeichnet sich durch ein Relaisgehäuse mit eingebauten Dioden aus.

The EDX10 features a relay housing with built-in diodes. It is particularly used for retrofit or rework or vehicles.

The EDX10 is available both in a ready configuration with two or four diodes and a period inverse peak voltage of 400 V, 600 V or 1300 V and with individual population on the occasion of a customer-specific project.

This diode array is often used as rectifier diodes or bridge rectifiers. 

  • Easy and quick mounting during vehicle retrofit. The diodes can easily be mounted in the relay socket. No extra space required.
  • Time-savings during maintenance of devices. Defective diodes can easily be replaced in the relay housing.

The EDX10 relays are available for DC 12 V and DC 24 V applications and are suitable for standard automotive relay sockets to ISO 7588 (ISO Mini).

Technical Data

Voltage rating DC 12 V/DC 24 V
Continuous current 4 A
Temperature range -40° C … +85° C
Terminal design ISO 7588 MINI Terminal blocks
Mounting method standard automotive relay socket
Design Cubic enclosure 30 mm x 30 mm x 30 mm
Feature Up to 4 diodes in different configurations in a practical relay housing.


  • Agricultural and forestry machinery
  • Bus: Transit and School
  • Construction machinery
  • Heavy truck

Scopes of applications

  • Rectifier diodes
  • Bridge rectifiers


Datasheet & Explanations