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General Information

Growing demands regarding convenience and functionality on board require a new technology for a boat’s electrical system. Achieving this performance range with today’s conventional technology generates a tremendous effort in wiring and mounting. Most of the requested features like power management, alarm systems or supervision are independent systems. All these features will be merged into the PowerPlex® System. Your experience in combination with the E-T-A PowerPlex® System and E-T-A’s worldwide sales, engineering and service network will guarantee future success.

What is E-T-A PowerPlex®?

The E-T-A PowerPlex® is a decentralized, user configurable power distribution
system. It is optimized for marine applications based on CAN-Bus technology (SAE J1939). Ease of configuration by means of the E-T-A configuration software running on a standard Windows PC offers individual solutions for every boat. The E-T-A PowerPlex® provides switching and controlling, timer functions, real load status indication, overcurrent protection and wire break detection. Each function is individually programmable to fit the requirements of the different loads.

The E-T-A PowerPlex® offers a link between the look and feel of conventional technology and modern digital processing offering extensive diagnosis, monitoring and control functions. The main benefit for the boat owner besides having a modern electrical system is the integration of a lot of features like alarm and remote control.