REACH regulation

The REACH regulation aims to better protect people, animals and the environment against hazardous chemicals. Every company that in any form places more than one tonne of a chemical per year on the European market falls under this REACH regulation.

However, E-T-A only produces non-chemical products. We are in close contact with our suppliers and can confirm, that the few process chemicals required for producing E-T-A products are either not affected by the REACH regulation or are already registered by the chemical supplier.

According to our knowledge, our products do not contain substances above the limit values listed on the current ECHA “List of candidates“.

E-T-A products are neither chemical substances nor mixtures of substances, but products. Therefore, registration, evaluation or authorisation according to the 1907/2006 REACH regulation as well as the preparation of a safety data sheet according to article 31 and annex II or according to amendment 2015/830 is not required.

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